Humboldt County Freedom Rock 2016

Corner of 4th Ave. and 4th Street

Freedom Rock Flag(s)

Can be purchased to fly over the Humboldt County Freedom Rock in Livermore. Any donation is welcome.  Make checks payable to Livermore American Legion and mail to Richard Erpelding, 1037 Hwy 169, Bode, IA  50519.  Please write “Freedom Rock Flag” in the memo line.



Elden Landolt                                       401 4th Ave., Livermore, Ia. 50558                                       Janet Berte

 Mayor                                                   Phone: [515] 379-1074                                                     Clerk

                                                                            Fax: [515] 379-2463                                                                            

                                                                   “Equal Opportunity Employer”                                    Sharon Grimm-Berte

              Council Persons                                                                                                                                Treasurer             

Sandy Satern (570-4836)                                                                                                                                       

Robert Foth (890-2561)                                                                                                                    Aaron Crahan

Penny Porter (368-8216)                                                                                                                   Fire Chief

Kelly Frock (890-9848)                                                                                                                                       

                  Janice Schmieder (379-1248)                                                                                                           Nathan Hosford             




Humboldt Co.

Freedom Rock



Team Livermore Installs Livermore Welcome Rock

at West edge of town on October 16, 2012

Corner of 3rd Ave and 8th Street


Livermore Fire Station as seen from meeting room

March 27, 2017


City of Livermore Fire Department

703 3rd Street

Livermore, Iowa 50558

Fire Chief Aaron Crahan
Assistant Chief Gregory Woods

Mike Crahan, President

Nate Hosford, Vice-President

Tyler Dodds, Secretary / Treasurer

Kirk Hundertmark, Comminications

Established 1980
Number of Trucks 5
Area Covered Livermore, parts of Kossuth County, Sherman adn Humboldt Townships
Firefighters 19





Livermore Fire Station


GeoLynx Mapping Monitor that gives the firemen detailed GIS base maps with real-time emergency call handling telephony, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), and other real-time and historic emergency event data.  This mapping information is the same as what the 911 dispatcher sees.


Also on the screen is "I am Responding" program that lets the firefighters know immediately who is available to respond to our fire calls, where they are responding, and when they will be responding.  Each Firemen also has the app on his cellular telephone.

Adopt A Hydrant

Winter storms can often hide fire hydrants under a mountain of snow making them impossible to find quickly. Please don’t let your neighborhood hydrant remain “undercover.” Also keep hydrants free from overgrowth of grass, weeds and bushes the rest of the year. We need a three-foot clearance on all sides. To fill out your adoption papers go to the following link and complete the application form. Livermore Fire Department. A certificate with your hydrant number will be mailed to your address.


Humboldt Co Emergency Management Meeting

Livermore City Hall

Thursday March 23, 2017



Midland Power Company of Jefferson, Iowa presented a training session on power line safety at the Humboldt County Fire Fighters County Meeting on Thursday July 16, 2015 at the New Livermore Fire Station located 703 3rd Street.

The demonstration provided some jolting reminders on how “Electricity” can hurt you and kill, they talked about what you can do to be safe and careful. Midland Power Company of Jefferson, Iowa designed the training course to teach firefighters how to handle downed power lines as well as the invisible hazards of electricity.  The demonstration showed how thing work and some of the hidden hazards there are if you encounter a power line down on the ground, often people will think it's got to be de-energized or dead but it is not always the case.

From car accidents to severe weather, knowledge of downed power lines is pivotal for firefighters and first responders. Electricity is very unpredictable, so it's training that all responders definitely need.  It will keep firefighters safe and prevents them from getting injured or killed. They also talk about what to do with solar power systems tied to the Electrical utility grid power system!





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City of Livermore
401 4th Ave.
Livermore, Iowa 50558

ph: (515) 379-1074
fax: (515) 379-2463



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Livermore Rural Union Telephone Company

July 1913

Livermore, Iowa